Second Hand Shop Fittings Glasgow

Looking for cheap second hand shop fitting materials? We might be the team to help. 

Throughout our years working as a shop fittings company, we have picked up an enormous amount of secondhand materials that we are happy to sell to other fitters and shop owners alike.

A lot of the time we can make use of these materials ourselves – but we are happy to sell anything that might be of more value to another company while we don’t have any use for them. 

Our joiners working on materials to be used in a shop

Benefits of second hand shop fitting materials 

It might sound ‘cheap’ to use second hand shop fittings materials – but really, it’s a way of getting a singular piece of something that is already created and ready to go. 

The alternative is simply to go and get the thing made (be it a desk, table, partition, part of a wall, set chair, piece of joinery, specialist part of a shop and so on). 

This will ultimately cost you a lot more as someone is going to have to take the time, energy, resources and specialism to create what you need. 

Someone like us might have it ready to go right now, with no use for it, other than it taking up space in our warehouse.

We endeavour to put a full list of things we have ready to go in our warehouse right now but we won’t yet. However, we will always welcome any sort of enquiry regarding second hand shop equipment. 

We have a plethora of equipment, parts pieces and materials ready to go. 

Although this page might not be completely up to date by the time you visit it, we currently have a range of equipment ready to go. 

We have parts and equipment that consists of things like:

  • Slat wall parts and accessories
  • Walls and shelving parts
  • Display shelving
  • Racking
  • Counters, desks and chairs
  • Dummies and mannequins
  • Storage rails and racks
  • Display racks
  • Dispensary and display units
  • Pieces of bespoke joinery (doors, skirting, desks, tables etc.)