Office Fit Out Glasgow

We have been doing office fit outs in Scotland since we started our office fitting company. We have completed literally hundreds of office fitting jobs now, both small and large, both complex and simple.

Our skill in the shop fitting trade allows us to seamlessly operate in the office fitting market too.

One of the only differences is that offices use a lot more partitioning than shops. Other than that, the premise is the same: you’re trying to get the most out of a space for a specific purpose.

For an office, it’s to make money and have a nice environment for your workforce.

We understand this and can work with you to make the perfect office space for you and your team. We can help with every single part of the process when you require an office fitter, from planning to installation to further furnishings after completion.

picture of an office we fitted out

Getting your office right

Offices are essential to so many businesses. They are the place that your team can thrive in carrying out their day to day tasks.

Creating an excellent working environment is going to be imperative in allowing your workforce to have an enjoyable time at work while carrying out the roles you require them for.

It’s no good having a terrible office.

Your workers won’t be happy. They won’t be productive. They won’t enjoy working for you. Getting your office right is essential to your business working.

What you need is going to depend on the kind of business you have. We have helped businesses fit out offices that are very design and ‘creative’ – meaning they need open spaces and lots of room for thought.

These offices tend to focus on comfortability, openness and bright colours throughout the space. On the flip side, we’ve worked with offices that are making hundreds of cold calls every single day. Usually, these types of clients want compression and focus on the task at hand.

Having bright colours, big open spaces and so on is too distracting.

The workers are there to sell and sell alone. Sure, the place isn’t a prison but the job requires a lot of discipline and focus, so the setup is very different to that of a creative business.

Either way, getting your office right is essential. We understand the different types of offices after creating so many.

Planning your office layout

It might be that you do not know how your office layout should be.

Loads of clients share this sentiment and require help with planning their office space out.

As you might have already read, our service provides a CAD (computer aided design) service, meaning that we can come to your property, understand your requirements, and create some 3D designs of what you are thinking.

We can show you what we create and see if it is inline with your ideas.

This also allows you to budget plan as we can price together everything involved with the office using the model we create.


Partitions are an important aspect in an office.

They divide and separate your workforce how you best see fit.

Using the example above again, it might be that a creative office wants an open environment, with little to no partitioning and a sales focussed office might want everyone somewhat sectioned off so that they can focus on their own thoughts.

This is obviously totally dependent on you and what you think is best though, we just provide advice and support where needed.

There are all sorts of partition materials you can use.

Glass is extremely popular at the moment. It can be reinforced to be totally safe, sound proof, look great and so on. Glass is a way of splitting up your office audibly, but you can still see each other.

You can put in other measures to make everyone less visible, like frosted glass and things like that if necessary.

Get your office designed and fitted!

Call our team if you want to start an office fitting project.

We can help you from the very initial design stages, right the way through to installing everything you could ever need for your office.

Our service is fully comprehensive.

For other office fitting services, like if you need retail shopfitters UK – just get in touch!

Call our team, speak to a professional and arrange a free site visit to see the kind of space you’re working with for the ideal office you want to create.