Shop Fitters Edinburgh

Our shopfitters service serves Edinburgh too, with many of our projects being carried out there we’ve become an established fitting service in the area. 

With the capability to fit out many shops in and around the medieval Old Town, elegant Georgian New Town and Edinburgh Castle. Edinburgh has lots of commercial opportunities for shop owners and we can help you take advantage of these opportunities.

We have completed seemingly endless different types of shop fittings throughout this city so we are confident in helping any new clients no matter the requirements.

This means we are adaptable dependent on your needs. 

Capable solutions 

In addition to adaptability, we are extremely capable. By this, we mean that we are capable of designing, planning and installing a really wide range of shop types successfully. 

Capability is no good if price is a factor for you, though.

For most everyone we meet: price is an important factor. We help our clients through the planning stage and show them what is possible dependent on their expenditure using CAD designs of their/our ideas.

This allows you to see what you can get and for what price, as well as staying within your ideal budget range.  

Our Shopfitters Turnaround Time

Having worked with many different style of shops, we know that you can sometimes require a fast turnaround service. 

Our team has become particularly proficient at completing jobs quickly when clients require a fast service.

We maintain quality and can still help with things like the planning stage, but everything is simply sped up. 

CAD designs

Need help through the planning phase? We aren’t simply tradesman that come and install the shop you want. We can help you through the entire process from start or end. 

Computer aided design, or CAD, allows us to visualise designs and ideas for you.

Combine this with our pricing knowledge and you can use us as your planning and pricing resource.

This means we can help you formulate the kind of shop you want in terms of design and interior, combined with managing the price as we go. 

a bar fitted by our team

What Our Shopfitters have Fitted in Edinburgh

Clothes shop fitting: You have to get several things right when fitting out a clothes shop.

Space and branding are two of the key factors. You have to manage space and get enough selections of clothes within your allotted space. You also have to be brand conscious and create the desired feeling you want to put across to customers as they walk through the door 

Retail shop fitting: much like a clothes shop, fitting a good shop in this industry is all about making use of space to display your products and getting the feel of your brand across. To do this you would need to speak with one of the best retail shopfitters in the UK. They will be able to handle everything from start to finish. 

You need people to buy into the place you’re trying to sell things from, not just the products themselves. We understand this and have worked with many a retail outlet in using the space and budget they have to the best of its ability. 

Restaurant shop fitting: restaurants require a unique approach.

A lot goes on in a restaurant – from preparation, to cooking, to serving, to hospitality and so on. Get a restaurant suited to your brand, taste and goals. 

Office fitting: offices are excellent hubs to harbour a productive working environment.

As offices normally simply have staff sitting in them, we can help you to create the right kind of atmosphere for your team to be comfortable, productive and happy while working for you. Using space correctly is imperative in achieving this. 

Food supplying shops: going to sell food from your shop? No problem.

We assume you’ll want a spacious, easy to keep clean area that your customers can simply take orders and have a comfortable stay at.

Work with our team to get your eating place right. If you are outside of Edinburgh and require our Scotland shopfitters, who serve shop owners across the country, get in touch. 

Essentially, we would say that just about every type of commercial shop fitting can be carried out. There are many opportunities for shop owners in Edinburgh, so if you want to take advantage reach out to our shopfitters today.