What To Look For In A Suitable Shop Fitter

So you want to start a shop? Great! But how are you going to get that shop? There is only one way really… And that is to hire someone that can fit your shop. Without an excellent looking shop with the right feel, the right utilisation of space, the right colours, features and signage – your sales will probably suffer.

But how do you do this?!

There are loads of options out there. How do you find the team that are excellent at execution, affordable enough for your project, honest, stick to their timeframes and so on?

This is not easy just like it isn’t easy in any industry. Finding affordable quality is really difficult no matter what you are doing. For that reason we have put together a short list of things you can look out for when trying to pick shop fitters in Glasgow for your latest venture. A lot of these are common sense but even those are worth going over.

This is a really big decision in the grand scheme of making your shop venture a success. This could be a decision that makes you hundreds of thousands of pounds of the shop could be a flop and lose you hundreds of thousands of pounds. Everything needs to be executed well from start to finish and the shop itself is no different to any other aspect of the project.

Without further ado, let’s jump into what you can look for to find a suitable fitter for your new shop.

Look for reputation

Reputation should be one of the main factors in making your decision. Reputation should give you a feel of what people just like you experienced with any company you are considering hiring. They pulled the trigger on the payment and now you can see what they got in return for their hard earned money.

The problem with reputation is that it can be hard to find. You certainly will not find out about a company’s reputation on their website as this is not really a measurement of their reputation.

However, you can take steps like looking at previous customers’ experiences – did they get a good service, are they happy, does their shop look good? And so on. To find this out you can call a fitter and ask them for their case studies or past projects to speak to people that have worked with before.

Don’t rely on accreditations

It sounds crazy but so many people that are not qualified to get accredited at something… can get accredited!

There is nothing wrong with having accreditations but what we are simply saying is that these are not the bench mark of the best company for you. Sometimes all it takes is writing a cheque to get the accreditation.

So try not to base your decision on the accolades of a company like accreditations they have accrued over the years.

Does the company do what you want?

If you are trying to create a retail store, go for a fitter that has experience fitting a retail store before. It’s no good if they have only ever fitted restaurants and openly admit that they are no good in retail. Sure, they can probably complete the task but you would have a much safer bet going with a company that has completed a retail project before.

Did you get a good feeling from the company?

‘Feeling’ sounds irrational as emotions are irrational and feelings sounds like emotions. Feeling is perhaps the wrong word. What we mean is: did you like the potential fitter when you called them? Did they take time to understand your problem? Do they sound like they want to help your business or are they just in it for themselves. You have met a lot of people in your life so hopefully you can gauge how the potential fitter is with you based on your previous experiences.

Speak to a couple of options

If you schedule a meet with a promising shop fitter and like them – don’t just jump the gun and hire them.

Speak to a couple of others and get a feel for what different companies can bring to a project. You might realise that the company offering you a good price and what will look like a good finished product in triple the time as another company that seem to also be able to deliver what you want within your budget.

Speaking to a couple of different teams will give you some more perspective on the project and if you are heading in the right direction. Don’t be afraid of getting second opinions and if you are feeling pressured to go with one company – this might be a bad sign in itself.

We hope this article helps anyone on the chase in finding some of the best fitters. Naturally, we would put ourselves forward for your shop if you are based near us but simply wanted to help you with your decision making process. It is not always easy to know what to do but now you have heard it from the horse’s mouth!

Thanks for reading today.





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