Dispelling Trade Myths While Fitting Shops

Although fitting shops requires a broad range of skills – many are trade skills. As we all know many tradesman do not have a good reputation. And this is not always people being over cynical. There are plenty of bad tradesman out there as there are in just about any industry. People often place their bias opinion on tradesman due to poor previous experiences so they can’t really be blamed. It is up to you to dispel these thoughts through your actions when you come into contact with potential clients and clients.

Let’s have a look at some of the things we can all do as fitters to make sure that people trust and respect us. If you know you are guilty of a few of these stereotypes below… Just work on yourself. If you are consistently late you do not have to continue to be late. But let’s look at the things that people can believe tradesman are before we even show up to a premises and how we can dispel these beliefs from manifesting further. As your trusty shop fitters in Glasgow, we want to show you the true standards of the shop fitter. You SHOULD hold these people to higher standards. You are paying them to provide you with a service, so they need to be held accountable for what they do for you.

Rubbish at communicating

In the trade, building and shop fitting world, excellent communication can really set you apart. In this industry in particular, people have their commercial shops, restaurants and so on that they need to be ready by certain days. You need to keep them informed of the project and how it is developing. Are you on track to meet the deadlines? Are we staying well within budget? These are the kinds of questions that the client will be thinking in their head so you can reach out to them to keep them updated as to what is going on. They will want to know.

This also goes for day to day communication. Are you going to be on site 30 minutes later than expected? Don’t just brush it under the carpet as if the client won’t care. Just let them know. They will appreciate it and be able to manage their own time more efficiently. Communication like that demonstrates that you value the client’s time AKA one of their most valuable assets. Little things like this can make all the difference in people’s perceptions of you.

Cannot be relied on

Be a breath of fresh air and be someone that people can be overly reliant on. Be so consistent and true to your word that, instead of simply removing the stereotype, people are singing your praises for being so reliable. You can do this by taking care of extra problems the client has, staying longer on the job if necessary and being flexible. Be the person that they can turn to and you will have a solution (within reason). Being reliable in this trade is going to help you so much where other people are unreliable.


Many tradesman do not understand that people want you to be clean. Being dirty in their space is disrespectful. You did not find the space that way so that is not how the owner of that space wants it to be. This seems like common sense but it takes subtle understanding.

You are going to think that “this is my space now while I work here” and to a degree that is true – but you do not ultimately own the space. So the client is going to think you are dirty if you leave the place dirty while working there. You might as well be the one to understand both thought processes and keep the place as clean as possible. A dirty working environment might make the client think the work is also dirty and unorganised. It’s funny how the brain works…

Now, maybe the client does not care if the place is dirty if it means meeting a deadline sooner, but do not use this as an excuse to be dirty. The tidier and more organised your space is the more efficiently you will work as everything will be in order. It is hard to project manage any sort of shop, be it commercial, a restaurant, a clothes shop etc. if your head is all over the place because the site you are working on is a tip.

Being rude or impolite

Again, many people have probably experienced this for it to be a stereotype. Make it known right out of the gate that you are nothing but polite, respectful, kind friendly and so on. Obviously do not be a pushover but do not disrespect people. They will quickly come to resent you and they will not be recommending you to another shop out there.

Even if you make someone the best restaurant they have ever seen – if you had no manners, didn’t say please and thank you’s, didn’t smile at the client, didn’t converse with the client, were dishonest and so on – they will not want to attach their name to recommending you. So be a good person. Be a person that people want to be around and this will do big things for your career moving forward!

If you fall into any of these trappings you really need to get yourself out. Acting in any of these ways will ensure that you do not get recommendations or repeat work. You will always have to be forking out for advertising. So ultimately, it is only going to cost you money if you cannot stay polite, reliable, communicative and clean! Thank you for reading and we hope you can take away some points from this.

P.S. – We’re sorry to hear about this Fife shop fitting company on the verge of going bust. We hope they can turn things around. They have a large team and many people would be out of work. It seems that getting funding is difficult for them at the moment but if that is what they need, we hope they can get it.






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