We’re shop fitters from Scotland that are slightly different to the rest. 

If you are reasonably unknowledgeable about office fitting, we are a great option for you. 

Helping from start to finish 

We are a great option because we can help you from start to finish. Many people come to us without knowing what they need in an ideal shop space. 

There’s no problem with this. There are so many options for you to choose from. Not to mention the different price points and so on. 

So our service will visit you to discuss your requirements, see the space you’re working with, take measurements and can create CAD designs you’re envisioning. If you don’t have any ideas, we can create a range of looks and feels to suit the kind of shop you want to create. 

This gives you a freedom of choice and a range of prices to make an excellent shop that can make you money for years to come. 

Image of a shop we put together 

Excellent installations 

Whether you need a hand designing your shop or not, when it comes to installations, we are excellent. 

The truth is, many companies out there in Scotland are good shop fitters. We think we have the edge by combining our excellent planning and CAD phases with supreme budget management, alongside that excellent craftsmanship. We can do everything and usually incorporate bespoke joinery into each project. 

We rarely ever get asked to create a shop that we would not know how to create. At the very least, if we feel something is out of our skill set, we have built up a strong network of trusted tradesman that could assist us through no worry to you. 

That was more about us…

The above was just an excerpt into how we conduct our services and what we think makes us different. To summarise, we feel it is our start to finish service, combined with excellent craftsmanship of all sorts of materials and the support we can offer to clients in terms of managing payments and budgets.